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New Amsterdam Brands Brand Story 

We believe that all people should express themselves however they are most comfortable, whether that be by voice, by print or even by clothing. We started New Amsterdam Brands as a creative outlet from today’s crazy world; a place to express our opinions and create a community that needed the same escape. We see clothing, a daily essential (at least for most people), as a reflection of how we want to be perceived. We want our clothing to help you to express your own opinions, to be a reflection of you.
We are not confined by one ideal or one perspective; we aim to provide people of all walks of life clothing they can feel comfortable in and be proud to wear. We are built on the foundations of free speech and empowerment, and that foundation will allow us to grow into a strong force for our customers.
You are the inspiration for New Amsterdam Brands and we want to give you freedom of expression through clothing.

Our Values: 

  • Create expressive clothing our customers are proud to wear: Whether you love Harry Potter or you’re outfitting your precious baby, we want you to love your New Amsterdam Brands clothing and we promise to provide high quality so your love doesn’t fade.
  • Foster a culture of empowerment and creativity: The strength of the community starts from the inside and all members of the New Amsterdam Brands team will live by our mission.
  • Never stop learning: We promise to always stay up to date with the big topics on your mind and understand what reflection you want to show with your clothing.